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alchemist media® is a small, focused san francisco seo company specializing in customized organic search engine optimization and seo consulting services. our core business involves conceptualizing seo as a process of developing creative search marketing strategies and integrating these efforts with seo. we help you organize, present, and promote your website’s content and digital media assets so that available search inventory – ranging from local to mobile – is leveraged to drive converting traffic. we help you understand and use seo as a component of, and interdependent with, your overall marketing objectives.

seo is not an easy discipline to understand, let alone master – in fact, it is probably one of the more challenging aspects of managing your online business presence simply because there is, in fact, nothing black and white about the process of optimizing a company’s assets for search. in seo there are only ongoing observations, analyses, and adjustments… informed by strategy, tactics, and implementation. while this process might sound intimidating, it doesn’t have to be.

imagine searching for that phrase that you (and your boss) wish so desperately you ranked well and received qualified search traffic for – then finding your site nestled comfortably in the first search results page – then receiving qualified leads and conversions from your search visitors. imagine feeling like you have learned, over time, what SEO steps were taken and what overall educational processes helped to make that happen. with enough time and effort this is possible, and we can help.

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the complete seo book: the art of seo

looking for an seo reference book? alchemist’s founder jessie stricchiola is the co-author of this exhaustive volume on search engine optimization written with industry peers rand fishkin, stephan spencer, and eric enge. published by o’reilly media it can be found at local bookstores as well as on the book provides proven guidelines and cutting-edge techniques for planning and executing a comprehensive seo strategy. the authors use a combined 40+ years of web site optimization experience to teach seo, while correcting many common misconceptions. as one of the most comprehensive seo books available, it provides both novices and pros alike with a powerful arsenal proven to increase web site visibility, traffic, and conversions.

san francisco seo consulting our approach

your seo needs determine how we can work with you. every site that comes our way has unique strengths and weaknesses, as does every business behind it. our goal is to help you leverage your assets and minimize your shortcomings with an emphasis on long-term results. we can provide short-term seo consulting, ongoing seo management, and creative seo support anywhere in between.

seo expert witness services: internet litigation support

company founder jessie stricchiola provides litigation support as an expert witness for internet litigation on various cases involving copyright, trademark, patent, seo and ppc issues. she has consulted on litigation in both state and federal courts, for some of the most prestigious law firms in san francisco and nationwide. contact us for more information about jessie’s internet marketing expertise and litigation consulting.

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