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The Art of SEO Book – Your Guide to Professional SEO

seo book 2015The SEO book for pros! Co-authored by company founder and search marketing veteran Jessie Stricchiola with Eric Enge and Stephan Spencer, and published by O’Reilly Media – The Art of SEO has proven to be the most comprehensive SEO book on the market – with the third edition to be released in Q2, 2015.

Bryan Eisenberg, New York TImes best-selling author of Call to Action and Always be Testing:

the art of seo is a the perfect complement to the science of conversion optimization. This book is a must-read volume by four highly regarded industry veterans.”

Chris Sherman, in Search Engine Land’s Best SEO Books of 2009:

“if you could assemble a dream team of highly respected seos, with years of collective experience practicing the art of seo and constantly pushing the envelope to develop new strategies and tactics to gain competitive advantage—the four authors of this book would be at the top of any list of candidates. of all the books on seo i’ve seen this year, this one is most likely to wear out from frequent use as you return to it again and again for practical advice.”

Mike Moran, co-author of the book Search Engine Marketing, Inc.:

“as a co-author of an seo book people refer to as the ‘bible of search marketing,’ you might think that i wouldn’t recommend other search books. not so. but i recommend only excellent search books written by outstanding search experts. the art of seo easily clears that high standard and is a must-read for anyone serious about organic search success.”

Eric Ward, a.k.a. link moses:

“i’ve known and followed the authors for years, each a bona fide expert in their own right. their collective wisdom in one book is truly a gift to the industry. this has to be the #1 ‘must-read’ seo book ever written.”

Barry Schwartz, news editor, and editor,

“there are no better names in the search marketing industry to write a book on the art of seo than these four authors. each author has gems of knowledge to share individually, and all of them teaming up to create a single book is like discovering a treasure.”