Yahoo Bombing For Stephen Colbert

The campaign to get the Colbert Show to rank for Giant Brass Balls and Greatest Living American has certainly got the blogosphere buzzing. In three days, it has generated no less that half a dozen digg post, including one that got about 1500 diggs (thanks Cameron), at least a couple dozen links and huge outcry of loyal fans.

We are happy to report that while Google is still showing a little resistance, (along with very unstable results that change every hour) the Colbert Nation is already the top 10 for Greatest Living American. Yahoo, meanwhile, is cooperating nicely; it shows number 1 for giant brass balls and greatest living american is 3rd.

MSN and Ask are picking up related stories, but neither is showing our hero in the top 10 yet.

April 19th update.

Colbert Nation is now #1 for Greatest Living American in Google and was number #1 in Yahoo and MSN this morning, but appears to have dropped back. Still no progress with Gooogle for Giant Brass Balls, but #1 in Yahoo.

Given the tremendous response we have seen today and the fact that most of the rest of the top 10 is taken up by posts about the campaign, we should be able to fly the Mission Accomplished Banner by Saturday.

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